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Version History

Version 3.2.4
  • Windows 10 Certification, Database Updated to OLE DB
Version 3.2.3
  • Added field PositionWageExternalID to PositionWage table to allow export of PositionWage record into MaitreD POS

  • Database Updates

  • Updated Position/Wage Maintenance - Add New and TSMain module - Add New Position Wage Item

Version 3.2.2
  • Modified: Database Update to default the LastPayrollExport to the day before the database was first used. Makes all of the PositionWage records unlocked by default

  • Modified: The Database Restore functionality to allow restore from older version of the database (3.0.25, 3.0.26, and 3.1.00)

Version 3.2.1
  • Added Position/Wage History - allows for the setting of an employee's wage for any position starting on any date. Retains historical accuracy of cost analysis and payroll reporting

  • Added Last Payroll Export Date - locks Position/Wage History records prior to and including the date of the last successful payroll export. (NOTE: Defaults to application first run for installations not using payroll export functionality. Locks Actual Hours Add/Edit/Delete for dates prior to last successful payroll export. Locks adding/editing/deleting of Position/Wage records prior to date of last successful payroll export, NOTE: Includes auto add feature when challenging experience). Locks Export Payroll for dates prior to last successful export

  • Fixed: Staff Cost Report day header for first day of report when printing by Daily by Department without staff detail

  • Added: Staff Cost Report Department and report totals when printing by Department without Staff Detail

  • Added: Maintenance -> Position/Wage interface to manage position/wage records. Current individual Position/Wage interface now read only

  • Updated: Import Data from CSV - Position/Wage import creates new record in all cases with effective date = date of import

  • Updated: Payroll Export (Generic) warns user if Position/Wage records exist between the start and end of the payroll period to be exported. NOTE: One entry per employee per position can cause wage reported to be incorrect if wage changes during payroll period.

Version 3.2.0
  • Added Target Covers per Labor Hour to System settings to be used in the Budget Tab to determine if schedule meets target

  • Added ToolTip for the Budget tab for ToolTip display of budget line

  • Added Projected and Actual Covers to BudgetModified Maintenance - Budget to capture daily projected and actual covers

  • Expanded the Budget tab to show Covers per Labor Hour, Labor Hours, and Projected Covers for each day in the schedule. Values are updated in real time as the schedule is being built

  • Add Labor Analysis report to analyze the scheduled, actual, and variance of the Covers per Labor Hour and Cost per Cover for each position, department, day, and period

  • Added option to Print 7 Day Schedule by Department

  • Added option to Print 28 Day Schedule by Department

  • Added option to Print Daily Sign In Sheet for all or any period (Start Time to End Time) of a day

  • Added option to define availability in thirty minute increments

  • Added drop menu to schedule list items to allow deleting of item (Position/Task or Employee) from schedule plan or refreshing of schedule plan

  • Modified shift drop menu to allow for assignment of Employee (When Staff List or Available List) is showing and schedule view is by Position/Task, or Position/Task when Position/Task list is showing and schedule view is by Employee

  • Updated "time bar" terminology to shift

  • Implemented enhanced Payroll Export Interface to allow for editing of additional payroll fields (Unpaid Stat and Other$)

  • Updated database synchronization to allow upgrade from any version 3.0 or 3.1 database to the 3.2 structure

  • Updated Maintenance - System Help, Maintenance - Budget Help to reflect the additions in the screens

  • Added double click on Connected To label in Help -> About dialog to copy path to database into paste buffer

  • Modified the schedule drop menu to look for the existence of a "TSTargetAnalysis.exe" program in the Add-ons directory. If found, the menu adds an option "Target Analysis" to execute the Add On program. NOTE: This will be used for the custom target analysis that Prime Restaurants is looking for (the grid analysis for weekly department Covers per Labor Hour targets)

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