What's New in Staff Scheduler Pro v3.2
  • Covers per Labor Hour  -  provides for refined labor analysis based on activity per position.

  • Position/Wage History  -  Track an employee's wage history for any position from the date of first hireThe Position / Wage History retains historical accuracy for wage and position cost analysis and for detailed payroll reporting.

  • Labor Analysis Report  -  analyze scheduled versus actual Covers per Labor Hour and Cost per Cover for each position and department.

  • Scheduled Hours vs  Actual Hours Worked Analysis - analyze the scheduled hours and costs versus the actual values.

  • Print by Department  -  a new reporting option for 7 and 28 Day Schedules.

  • Daily Sign In Sheet  -  Print by time period.

  • Availability  -  a new availability definition based on increments of 30 minutes.

  • Extended Shift  -  new menu options including direct assignment of selected employee from the Staff List or from the Available list, or selected position from the Position/Task list.

  • Enhanced Payroll Export now allows editing of unpaid statutory holidays and payroll items prior to export.

  • Automatic Update  -  from previous versions of Staff Scheduler Professional.

Features found in previous versions of Staff Scheduler Pro :

  • Unpaid time  -  schedule and budget for coffee breaks, lunch breaks, etc.

  • Statutory Holidays  -  never miss a holiday, and assure appropriate payroll treatment for holidays worked.

  • Overtime - see overtime impact at the time of scheduling, and reporting for when overtime does occur.

  • Actual hours  -  confirm actual hours worked vs scheduled / planned hours.

  • Export  - actual hours worked for payroll processing

  • Staff Filtering  - filter staff resources based on:  availability, experience, days-off, schedule exceptions and already scheduled.

  • Enhanced Back-up and Restore  -  new system features provide additional measures to cover off in the case when 'Murphy' jumps into the mix.

  • Copy recurring activities (time bars)  -  streamline scheduling planning and setup by copying recurring scheduled activities (timebars) from one day to the next day.

  • New Reports  -  (New: Staff Hours,  Daily sign-in sheet, Actual and Scheduled, Payroll and Staff-overtime, Attendance Exceptions)

  • Increased System Security  -  Three levels of system and user security:  Administrator, read/write and read only.

  • Labor Burden  -  plan your scheduling requirements based on budgeted labour targets. Planned or actual - compare revenue to labor target cost dynamically as you're creating schedules.

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