Staff Information Management
Staff information management can be a tedious task, especially in big companies.  With Staff Scheduler, staff information management is a breeze!
Information such as name changes, position, department and wage can be imported from an external source such as Excel.
Schedules can be distributed in many different ways to suit your work environment.  Companies can email schedules to employees, print and post schedules, or distribute the schedules over company intranets.
Manage Departments
With the ability to manage the departments inputted into the schedule it allows for changes such as the amount of shifts that need to be scheduled, exceptions that may occur in the department or staff that may need to have certain experiences to work in the specific department.
Manage Positions
Much like managing department, managing positions allows for employees to be placed in the right position in accordance to exceptions or conditions placed in their staff profile.  This allows employees to be scheduled more efficiently.
Manage Wages
A lot of the times, in companies, a employee may have different positions and these positions may each have different wages.  Staff Scheduler allows different wages to be set for different positions as well as a default wage and once the employee has been scheduled to work in a specific position, the wage is automatically changed.
Manage Staff Availability
Not only is this feature convenient, it can save time and money.  Staff AvailabilityThis feature allows staff to be scheduled into shifts where there will be no conflicts or issues.  This allows for time to be saved not having to reschedule the entire schedule for one or two peoples absences.   
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