Schedule by Features
Schedule by position
Scheduling Schedule By Positionby position or task allows for certain roles to be filled.  It also allows for managers to define what positions require employees to fill them and make informed decisions on which employee to place in the position.  Staff can be scheduled by simple dragging and dropping them into the position. 
Schedule by staff
Scheduling by staff involves choosing a specific employeeSchedule By Staff and dragging and dropping a position beside their name.  A time bar will specify the time they will work at these specific positions.
Schedule by staff experience
Experience can be a powerful tool and Staff Scheduler utilizes this tool by allowing experience to be inputted into the staff's individual profile.  When a staff member is scheduled to perform a specific task, the experiences in the profile come into play and allows the employee to be assigned to that position.  If the staff member does not have the experience to perform the task, the manager will be prompted to either change the profile or they can override the decision.
Schedule by staff availability
This feature allows for less complex scheduling because empStaff Availabilityloyees who are scheduled to work already or have booked the day off can be filtered out of the available staff, thus giving a more accurate list of available staff.  A filter criteria allows the staff to be filtered by many different options.
Real time labor burden
Costs of staReal Time Labor Burdenff is a question that is on any managers mind.  The real time labor burden feature of Staff Scheduler allows the managers to see the real time cost of scheduling certain employees at certain wage ranges.  With Staff Scheduler, managers can manage labor costs, staff over runs, and staff allocations.
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