Staff Scheduler Reports
Staff Schedules
Schedules are a necessity to any company.  Staff Scheduler makes scheduling a breeze!
E-mail Schedules
WE-mail Schedulesith some employees working part time, full time days or even full time nights, not everyone may get a chance to take a glance at the schedule.  With the email feature of Staff Scheduler, you can ensure everyone gets a copy of the schedule.
7 day Schedules
7 day schedules are a week's worth of assignments sorted alphabetically, per person, and can be sorted per department.  Also this schedule includes the total amount of hours for the week for each staff member and a total amount of hours for the entire week for all the staff members.  This schedule can be printed and displayed, emailed or posted over the company's intranet.
28 day Schedule
28 day schedules are sorted alphabetically and can be sorted by28 Day Full Schedule department.  Start and end time of each employee are displayed under the date and name.  This schedule can be printed and displayed, emailed or posted over the company's intranet.
Daily Sign In Sheet
The daily sigDaily Sign In Sheetn in sheet is another effective way of confirming the actual hours worked by employees.  It provides a list of all the employees scheduled to work and an area for the employee to fill in start time, end time and comments about their shift.
Staff Exception
Staff exceptions are one time exceptions that prevent the employee from being able to work or make a shift on the specific date andStaff Attendance Exception Report time when they usually may be available.  Examples are medical appointments, vacation time, or sick leave.  If a staff member is trying to be scheduled in the time that they have an exception planned Staff Scheduler will inform the manager and the exceptions can also be printed and displayed.
Staff List
Maintaining employee information can be completed in one easy Staff List Full Viewstep with Staff Scheduler.  The staff list a complete listing of all the employees in the system, complete with full name, address, phone number(s), and email address.
Staff Hours
Staff hours provides a listing of all the employees and the amStaff Scheduled Hoursount of hours they have worked or are projected to work.  These results can be separated by departments or can be displayed in alphabetical order.  It displays a total per employee and then a grand total of hours at the end of the page.
Position Hours
ThisPosition Hours report displays the amount of hours, both actual and scheduled for each position.  It is displayed alphabetically and can be displayed by date and area such as dining room or lounge.
Staff Cost
TheStaff Cost Report staff cost analysis allows the company to review the cost of each employee that currently works or previously worked at the company.  It can order staff by department, and date.  It also displays the employees positions, hourly wage, hours worked for the day and the cost, as well as total hours worked for the day for all the employees and the cost of the employees in accordance to the percentage of the actual revenue as well as the daily revenue. 
Staff Attendance
The staff attendance report is a report that tracks the atteStaff Attendance Exceptionndance record of staff who are late or do not show up for a scheduled shift.  It will display any times the employee was late or did not show up for a shift within a specified time period.  It displays the employee name, position, department, date, start time, end time and whether they were late or did not show up.
Staff Payroll
Staff Scheduler's payroll system is a state of the art report that disStaff Payroll Reportplays the employee name along with the employee number, the hours worked, the date, the rate of pay, the position that the employee is being paid for, which of the hours were regular stat, and overtime, and the total made for the date.  It then displays the total amount made per day and then a complete total for the time specified.  At the end of the report, it also displays the total amount of employee records printed, the total hours worked for all employees and the total cost.
Staff Overtime
Overtime can be costly to a company especially if it is unStaff Overtime Worked Reportnecessary.  The staff overtime report displays all of the overtime for a specific date range ordered by employee.  This will help management analyze the amount of overtime that is being worked and to help assist with budgeting.
Scheduled Vs. Actual Hours
Scheduled vs. actual.....Most of Staff Scheduler's reports have tScheduled Vs. Actual Hours Reporthe option of displaying the scheduled and the actual hours. This effective tool is a big help to managers to be able to compare the results of shifts and what the actual hours that were worked compared to the scheduled hours.
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